Think about your marketing strategy. Who is your target market?

Advice to bring in the new universe of potential biz that you need:

You need to think up ways to get free publicity. I just saw a thing on yahoo news from a female matchmaker, She was nothing special to look at herself, maybe 40 yrs old skinny blond.

This matchmaker lady in Michigan gave a nice interview/video

I am looking for a suitable wife aged 25-45 for a 44-year-old multimillionaire client from the USA Midwest who, according to the interview, was paying her around $40,000 upfront + a bonus for finding him a suitable wife. Something like 20 million people saw it.

My nose told me there was no millionaire client, but she was just stirring up new biz for herself– at best, maybe she knew somebody who vaguely fit the description of her “undisclosed confidential client” but my guess is there never was any such 44-year-old millionaire because if there was, he wud not need her to do the search & wud certainly not pay her any big fee when he can go on the web and choose for around 1 million gorgeous single girls seeking sex & or marriage.

I predict she will get thousands of women applying, and then she will say to them, “this guy is taken” but I have other male millionaire clients looking for girls just like you the applicant & for a mere $1000 or whatever, she will polish up the resume & photos of the other girls — anyway, I am saying that you can probably get together some story that is picked up by Yahoo news, u-tube, etc. and get yourself a lot of free publicity that will allow you to sell more PT stuff.

Think about your marketing strategy. Who is your target market? 

Many people are good at creating/finding a product to sell, not so good on marketing. I’ll be covering more marketing here over the coming weeks.

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