Following Bill's advice, I began to work harder and travel to places I was interested in.

This story was sent in by a reader. 

We hope you’ll forgive us a little self-promotion, this is a very inspirational story and it makes the entire BBBB team feel happy that we are helping people with much more than just financial problems and our readers can learn a lot from this guy, Dr D. from Australia.

Hi Everyone,

I have to tell you this story. Grandpa and BBBB are ahead of the game.

Here is my story as to why I feel this way:

My first exposure to PT ideas was with Uncle Harry Schultz in Australia in the 1970’s. It seemed to me, like a dream world to live in at the time. Now, after visiting many of the places Uncle Harry mentioned, I understand his enthusiasm for living and encouraging others to follow their dreams with great financial advice that he gives. However, with a young family and work responsibilities, I struggled with finding time and information to add to my PT education. Then along came Bill Hill and the Mouse newsletters. I must have read those books and newsletters 10 times each over the years but could never put them into action with family struggles.

So I did the mini PT lesson that Bill discussed in one of his books. I got rid of as much debt as possible and tried to be free in my own locality. This felt good and I had less stress. In the early 80’s the gold price went up and King futures made some money for me. I had a taste of investment success. I pulled out of the futures on Uncle Harry’s advice 2 months before the crash and felt proud of myself.

My wife suggested I put it on the house/farm mortgage to pay it off quicker. Well, that seemed like not such a bad idea at the time and the family grew to 5 kids. Then it seemed like I couldn’t do anything right at home. I wondered what was happening. So remembering what Bill Hill said about preparing for a bad time, I began to invest in my only real asset, my education, and knowledge.

All my spare income went between my ears and became deductible expenses from my business. Just as well, because a few years later, I was left to bring up 5 kids. Then a few years after that she came back, took 4 of them and left me with one. I did my best with him but he had a lifestyle that required constant financing that I refused to support. I sent him on his way to find his place in the world.

Now, here I was, by myself, wondering what this illusion of a “happy family” was all about. Fortunately, Bill’s advice kept me from depression and all the other stuff that goes with that. The “Ex” came back, took the family home to support the kids she now had and all I had was my work and the muscle between my ears. After a short period of “why me, Lord”, I realised that a lot of decisions had been made for me and I was now a free person.

Following Bill's advice, I began to work harder and travel to places I was interested in.

So, I am saying that PT info saved my sanity, senses, and life. I regrouped and built a new life and just as I was wondering about the next step in my PT career, Uncle Harry announces Grandpa’s new BBBB books updating all the old PT material I had.

YES. It came just in time and I purchased a signed set. I travelled more places and met more PT’s all over the world. I even spent some time chatting with Grandpa. What a fountain of knowledge. I spent weeks listening to his counsel. If he still has the time, I strongly recommend the readers of this story do the same.

Would you believe it?

Just after I integrated all that and began wondering what was next on the agenda, last week along came the PTsecrets WEBsite. It is a vast improvement on the old site. I ordered both updated books e-books of THE INVISIBLE INVESTOR, and 2nd PASSPORT 2009 Ed and signed up for the monthly blog by Grandpa. What a deal. No waiting and biting my nails for them to arrive in the mail. They downloaded immediately in large print for me to read easily. I look at this investment as fine-tuning my 30 years of PT knowledge by those who have gone before me. As I do with the conversations that traverse this list.

I know it isn’t easy filling a blog all the time, I do one for my professional college but I figured if Grandpa is going to beat his brains on the computer and fine-tune my interest in PT for a measly 29 Euro a month then I am in, boots and all. When I looked at his Missive sections I was amazed. Hints and titbits of PT useful stuff just oozed out of my little MacBook air screen. I loved it. I had a few questions that I wanted to ask him before the website went up.

AND Would you believe?

The answers were right there in his new blog. anyone with holes in their PT confidence or fine-tuning their direction just has to update with this massive missive.

Go for it, Grandpa. Good on you for not retiring and leading the way for the rest of us novices.

I thank you publicly.

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