Barack Hussein Obama seemed to me to be the only one with a good chance

Some time ago, in 2007, when BBBB list members were seriously predicting & even taking bets that Ron Paul would be the next Pres of the USA, I put in a prediction:

That an unknown Afro-American whose name was similar to that of our enemies of the day {Saddam Hussein & Osama} was IMO likely to be the next pres.

Nobody can always be right but with the Republican Party very unpopular & Hillary equally unpopular, Barack Hussein Obama seemed to me to be the only one with a good chance.

Now I think he will make it, tho if McCain distances himself enough from Bush, McCain also has a small chance.

Sure, like all Libertarians, I liked Ron Paul but it was clear from the start that he was too far from mainstream to have a ghost of a chance.

Here’s a quote from today’s Yahoo News:

“Party leaders continued coalescing around Obama as four more superdelegates — former Colorado Gov. Roy Romer, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, Rep. Joe Donnelly of Indiana and the District of Columbia Democratic party chair Anita Bonds — endorsed the Illinois senator.

“This race, I believe, is over,” said Romer, a former Democratic National Committee chairman. He said only Clinton can decide when to withdraw, but: “There is a time we need to end it and direct ourselves to the general election. I think that time is now.”


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