I was lucky to have befriended them because later on when I visited Africa these fellow students were all very big shots.

Why were the top 4 guys in my class of 355 all black when there were so few of them (8) in the whole school?

As I mentioned, I befriended these top 5 guys and learned that essentially, they were selected & winnowed from millions of Africans for state-funded full scholarships to this elite school in the USA. They had perfect scores on their exams, top grades were sane and were fluent in at least 5 languages.

It was understood that they were expected to get all “A” grades in the USA and to return to their respective countries to take top jobs. They would all soon be appointed the Minister of Something or Other.

I was lucky to have befriended them because later on when I visited Africa these fellow students were all very big shots. They remembered me well as few whites went out of their way to befriend them. I got the red carpet treatment. They ran state-owned industries or airlines, and in a few cases became heads of state. Several were appointed ambassadors back to the USA Europe.

Of course, there was no conspiracy. These black guys, all from poverty backgrounds, by the way, were naturally intelligent. They worked their asses off because they had to perform. They were more motivated & better equipped intellectually & educationally than the rest of us.

Later on, when I recently read the history of Goldman Sachs, I learned that these were the types of men and women GS recruited regardless of race or religion by the way.

These type of men who succeed fabulously at whatever they do are always very ambitious & competitive. they value education & they never fail at anything during their entire lives. They seek out and recognize opportunities.

They were #1 in their classes usually from kindergarten on and that is why those kinds of people have done so well. Of course when most other people in society are pretty laid back and many are happy to do minimum effort work & want to drink beer, smoke dope & listen to music –then it is extremely easy for the one with goals to go to the top of their field or end up owning everything.

“in The Valley of the Blind, the one-eyed man is king…”

This supports the observation in the “Chinese & Jewish secret” chapter of PT. The Indian minority has taken over commerce in much of Africa for the same reason. The Chinese minority rule the roost in Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. They are always resented of course and accused of being in a conspiracy. That is nonsense of course.

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