#32 Why Grandpa Is A Male Chauvinist

I started out 40 yrs ago being less of a raunchy male chauvinist.

Message From A Lady Reader In USA

I am curious why the site and Grandpa’s Gems and Letters cater only to men looking for sex playgrounds, hot girlfriends or wives?

I am a single young woman of means who is equally interested in Grandpa’s ideology. Perhaps you should appeal to a wider market, say one that includes the other half of the population?

Grandpa replies:

Welcome to the fold!

I started out 40 yrs ago being less of a raunchy male chauvinist.

Way back when I noticed I had maybe 5000 male fans/readers and only 2 or 3 women. I supposed that few women wanted to be PTs.

I can’t explain why. Well, I can try! There are fewer female entrepreneurs who would abandon friends-family – everyone they know to go off all alone to far off lands seeking more freedom, fame & fortune.

Strangely enough, 2 of the 3 women of long ago + a few more along the way actually became consulting clients and great friends.

And most of them are pretty rich now & a bit famous too. As I observe strict client confidentiality I can’t reveal names of course.

I trust you will understand that (as they understand) my tone about women is somewhat tongue in cheek. I get along fine with them. So why am I this way?

Suppose your “product” whatever that might be appealed to women on a 1000 to 1 basis.
I am sure you would not worry about tweaking the product to make it appeal more to men & maybe lose some of your regular customers in the process.

I would certainly be very happy if you stayed with the programme. I assume you have purchased, read & understood the 3 volume Bye Bye Big Brother.

If so, you are entitled to a free email consultation if you don’t need one, I wud be pleased to have your comments & observations in any event.

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