Choose an existing, functioning place, and just blend in.

Nothing is gained from fear or worry. We simply need to sit down. Consider of all the possible things that could happen. Then make a tentative escape plan. Grandpa says, “Run it by me for feasibility — if you are or want to be a consulting client.” Contact Grandpa.

I don’t believe in the “end of the world as we know it.” But no harm in having a plan to cope with any scenarios you can imagine.

We can and should make a few alternate plans to cope with any reasonable predictions. To my way of thinking, there are always going to be many places on Earth to find tranquility and safety. The main thing is to have a PLAN —An escape route and the needed paperwork to implement it. Of course you need either assets or a way to support yourself at the new home. The whole PT idea is to be flexible and establish well in advance of any urgent need —- more than one comfortable place to live.

There is not just one path. You have an infinity of possibilities to choose from.

We all have different needs — for instance, up till recently, I wanted to be near a place where among other things, my youngest son could get a good (free) education to the Ph. D. level. That was achieved with schools & universities in France. In Europe, basic and advanced education is either cheap or free, as is medical care.

I personally like relatively big, prosperous cities, and a personally owned home or condo (in company name) where I can walk to everything needed.

Others may like a more rural environment. I can enjoy going rural for maybe 6 months a year, and in fact, I usually do spend our European winters in warm places like a beach community. My choices have been, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and this year, Central America.

Personal safety, good medical care, warm climate, a variety of ethnic Restaurants–those are a few of the things on my want list. Your priorities are probably quite different.

The idea of a “new country,” or a Utopian Community of like-minded individuals is for me, not anything I want to get involved with.

Reason: They have been tried in the past, and are problematic, i.e. they never worked for very long. Thus I feel it is better to be independent — on your own. My advice:

Choose an existing, functioning place, and just blend in.

In my case, as a P.T. I always have more than just one “home.” My feeling is that one’s homes should be in a totally different places (i.e., countries).

You will need a supportive family that thinks internationally and can adapt & move fast. However, it is much more comfortable for all involved, if your first “escape” is to a well-established place you already know.

Possession, pets, and attachments to such things as the local country club or any group get in the way of the ability to move your ass and assets fast to a better, safer place.

When that becomes the sensible thing to do, you can’t be worrying about your horses, dogs or furniture. It helps too, if early on, you learn to communicate in a few languages. Speaking only English is a limitation. Of course, if you have only one language, English is the most well understood language–worldwide.

In the 1930’s I read that Vancouver BC (Canada) for instance, was a 1st world oasis of peace and prosperity in a world or turmoil. Contesting religions, Fascists, Communists, civil wars, and so on consumed much wealth and many lives.

These days, one fellow I know (Doug Casey) is recommending his “Estancia” the last redoubt real estate development in a remote, beautiful part of Argentina. Another “Simon Black” has set his sights on a similar spot in Chile. Those places are OK for my vacation home. However, for my main base or HQ, I personally prefer a relatively sophisticated urban enclave of wealthy people like Zug, Switzerland, Monaco, Gibraltar, Andorra, Bermuda, etc. I don’t see hunger and street riots in those places even in the worst-case scenarios. And if it does happen, you should be ready to leave at the first whiff of trouble.

Also, if I could afford it and if were to choose a fine, isolated, self-supporting community peopled by intelligent creative types, as the ultimate hideaway, I found one such place already existing in Mexico. Yes, I know that in Mexico there is a lot of crime and drug gang wars. But this place is out of that orbit. One can drive there from the USA, or fly into a private nearby airport, or come in on a yacht. Have a look at Costa Careyes on the Internet. ( It has everything and is relatively unconnected with the outside world. Another place, totally different, is the unique enclave of Campione that is both Swiss and Italian. It was my first choice for reasons explained in my special report Campione Confidential.  I am sure there are other wonderful, off-the-beaten-track places. If you know of any others, I would love to hear from you.


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