Too Many Opportunities?

There are so many legal things to do. Anyone who has the right mentality will be spoiled for choice.

I am too comfortable now & won’t go out of my way to get aggravated even if it will make pots of money.

There are SOOOO many opportunities I see every day.

For instance, there was a recently published photo of hundreds, maybe thousands of abandoned motorboats in Lampedusa Harbors & on beaches – Lampedusa is an Italian island off the coast of Africa.

The boats were left behind by refugees ( illegal aliens) wanting to get to Europe. They can make it to Italy once in Lampedusa. Then they want to get into France or GB. Snakeheads or Coyotes move them for serious money that they usually have on their person.

Picture made me think of the story of the Levi Brothers who took the sails off abandoned boats during the gold rush in San Fran harbor. They made more money b than any of the miners by fabricating Blue Jeans from the free fabric.

Abandoned means up for grabs… while these boats are mostly pretty crappy, they were proven seaworthy by completing the trips they made

They are certainly worth $250 each back in Africa. Or maybe worth more for the motors or wood…

So to make (1000 X 250) $250,000 in a hurry on one trip, I would go to Lampedusa, rent or make a contingent fee deal for a tugboat, tie them all together, find a suitable port facility in Africa….

On a clear sunny day, I’d make the few-hour trip to tow them back to Africa for sale there.

I have ideas like this every day, but I do not have the energy, time, or desire to be an entrepreneur anymore.

There are so many legal things to do. Anyone who has the right mentality will be spoiled for choice.

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